Exhibits Profile

Material Testing

Hardness testers/ Universal testers/ Compression testers/ Impact testers/ Fatigue testers·Durability testing machine/ Creep testers/ Polymer material testers/ Soil・Concrete testing machines/ Other testing machines

Structural Testing

Structural testing machines/ Other testing machines

Dynamometers and Balancing

Dynamometers/ Balancing machines/ Other testing machines

Environmental Testing

Temperature, humidity and pressure testers/ Special environment testing machines/ Complex environment testing machines/ Weather Meters/ Other testing machines

Vibration and Impact Testing

Vibration testers (electrodynamic, mechanical, hydraulic)/ Shock testers (environment)/ Other testing machines

Non Destructive Inspection・Testing

Image input, Image processing, Image analysis, Three-dimensional measurement

Commission acceptance test,Test for commisiioning, Rental, Calibration service

Measuring and Other Testing

Measuring/ Autoclave/ Other testing machines

Test analysis software (DIC Technology etc.), Test Analysis, HILS